Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Leveling

Don’t be like most Elder Scrolls Online players and level slowly. This Elder Scrolls Online Guide will explain how you can increase your leveling speed by leaps and bounds. You will get tips on how to level faster no matter if you prefer grinding or questing.

There are Elder Scrolls Online guide members that have gone from level 1 to 50 in 36 hours. So quit wasting time and keep reading to learn how to level faster in Elder Scrolls Online.
Elder Scrolls Online guide to leveling

Elder Scrolls Online Guide - General Leveling Tips:

You will want to start by purchasing items with training or exploration on them from the Fighters or Mages guild, Market Districts, or Guild Traders.

In order to keep crafting new items as you level you should also be researching training and exploration on all of your gear pieces. Don’t forget to purchase neck and ring items from the Mages Guild.

Repairing Items versus Crafting New Items

As you are leveling you want to save gold. One great way to do this is to forget about repairing your broken items. It is more cost efficient to simply craft new items when the old ones break.

Never Stop Learning

If you go to each Mages Guild and read all of the open shelves available, you will find yourself quickly leveling up your skills. Be sure to visit each Mages Guild you come across and read every book you can in Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s Just a Sword…Isn’t It?

Not exactly, if you take away anything from this Elder Scrolls Online Guide, let it be this… Your weapon alone is almost equally important as the rest of your armor combined.

Your weapon does not take damage, unlike your gear, meaning it will outlast anything else you are wearing. If you are going to invest gold into any sort of gear, let it be your weapon, followed by jewelry, and lastly your armor.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide – Debate Grinding or Questing for Fastest Leveling?

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Leveling and Gold

The answer to this question depends heavily on your process. If you have no process for questing, then of course grinding will be your sure bet for leveling fast in Elder Scrolls Online.

Questing in Elder Scrolls Online

If you have a plan of action or a guide, then questing in ESO can definitely lead to fast leveling. With the proper Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide, you can avoid questing mistakes such as wasting time on low XP quests.

One of the biggest factors in Questing leading to slow leveling in ESO is the time it takes to find some of these places and items. A proper guide will show you where to go and what to do.

Lastly, the travel times themselves can take forever. If you don’t have a proper plan of action, making the most of your route, you could be wasting several hours of leveling time.

Grinding XP in Elder Scrolls Online

As stated above, grinding can lead to faster leveling than questing. The tips below will give you some ideas to get the most out of your XP grind in Elder Scrolls Online.
Starting off, you will be sure to gain more XP if you can grind as a duo versus solo. Think of it as XP per hour. The more XP per hour you bring in then the faster you will level.

If you want to increase the XP per hour, you should be using AOE abilities to get more kills. Again, more kills at one time can equal more XP per hour.

Keep in mind that the amount of XP you are going to be getting will be heavily based on the mobs level. This doesn’t mean it makes sense to kill the highest level mobs. Go for the best combination of easy kills and most XP (Remember that XP per hour thing?).

Benefit of Questing versus Grinding

While grinding in ESO can perhaps be a quicker way to level, there are some drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that you are missing out on much of the content and rewards of the game.

Not only that, but questing done right can ultimately lead to faster leveling than grinding XP, and it isn’t nearly as boring. Questing gives great rewards, XP, and allows you to explore the game as it was intended.

Advanced Elder Scrolls Online Guide to Leveling

So how do you make the most out of questing and get the fastest possible XP in the process? Simply put, you get an Elder Scrolls Online guide, specifically a Leveling Guide.

There is one such guide available and here is what it has to offer.
·        Increase leveling speed up to 300%
·        Completely optimized quest paths
·        Detailed explanation on where to go and what to do
·        Multi-questing – doing multiple quests in a proper order to increase XP per hour to a maximum gain.

If you are interested in the Elder Scrolls Online Guide for Leveling, just follow the link below. Their program has far more to offer than just a leveling guide.

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